Who we are?  

Stereo Repair.com is the Top Internet Directory Domain connecting customers to Stereo Repair Technicians, Stereo Repair Shops and Electronic Service Centers in the US and the World.

Stereo Repair.com was started from a Stereo Repair Technician that has been in the Stereo Repair business since 1974. With help from other Stereo Repair Technicians, the site was launched on February 1 2010.

It has now turned into a community project with many Stereo Repair Shop owners supporting and helping in the development of this Top Internet directory portal. Lots of new features to come down the road!

Stereo Repair.com was also started out of the frustration from many Stereo Repair Shop owners that were over charged on 2nd and 3rd class copycat directories that do not allow uses to advertise there main telephone number for customers to call. 

A Stereo Repair Shops main telephone number is its bloodline to its business and repeat business. Using any other phone numbers, metered, charge per call or change monthly only confuses the customer and could be considered a shady business practice or scam by many who have tried this!

Stereo Repair.com will never do anything like that, ever! 

Your actual phone number and web address are shown on our website. You only pay one low monthly fee regardless of how many calls you receive. 

Stereo Repair.com is owned by Just Service Inc. 2940 N. Clark St. Chicago IL 60657 and is a community project to help the Stereo Repair industry. 

We invite all comments and suggestions as we have received hundreds already from Repair shops and Repair Technicians from all over the US and around the world! Please use our contact form page for contacting us or call 1-773-871-7177 ex4. 

Thank You


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